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Totally unique,
naturally inviting

Awash with warm, vibrant

autumnal colors, no single dish in

the visually stunning Aquarel

collection is alike. We were

entranced by the natural shapes

and watercolor-like glaze,

transforming each piece into a

work of art.


Crafted by European ceramic 

artisans working with stoneware,

this collection's organic shapes

are both resilient and totally

unique. With two plates and three

bowls to choose form, Aquarel

invites you to create a dining set

that is truly yours alone.


Material: Stoneware

Flat plate 22 cm

Flat plate 28 cm

Bowl 15 cm

Bowl 17.5 cm

Deep plate 22 cm

All of our collections are meant for

intensive use. 

100% dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.