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A dish you can look forward to
all day long

In the crazy time we live in, where our lives are turned upside down by Corona, a beautiful plate filled with good food is a must! A dish that you look forward to all day long, which makes your mouth water.. the break you deserve after a day of working (at home)!

Even for the enthusiastic home cook, this is the time when you pull out a little more to enjoy yourself at home.

In this difficult time for the catering industry, hope is finally on the horizon again. We now have time to refresh the menu, explore recipes in depth, try out a different way of presenting. What a party when the catering industry is allowed to open again, how we have missed the catering industry in recent months!

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Smoked salmon with quinoa salad

Surprise with a unique combination such as a fresh quinoa salad
with marinated zucchini, smoked salmon and artichoke.

Bulgur salad with green asparagus

Look for contrast in colors and in your crockery so that your dish is extra beautifully emphasized. Serve a colorful Bulgur salad with green asparagus, orange and fig on a Palmer Leaf plate in a cabbage leaf, this way you emphasize shape, color and structure to the max!

Roasted chicken breast with baked Jerusalem artichoke and nuts

Take a trip to Spanish cuisine with chicken breast, smoked paprika and orange, but with a Dutch twist. Cherries from Dutch soil and the forgotten vegetable Jerusalem artichoke provide a surprising twist!

Duck breast fillet with potatoes

Look for real seosonings! Pick herbs from your own garden and enrich your dishes with fresh rosemary and thyme, so you can immediately take your duck breast dish to the next level!